3 Steps to Beating Procrastination

Procrastination, arguably the hardest subject you have to master in the HSC.

Why? Well, chances are procrastination takes up more of your time then all you other subjects combined.

Fortunately, beating procrastination and staying efficient is incredibly simple if you follow the three strategies detailed below.

Having a Clear Aim

The main reason why most students procrastinate is that they don’t have a reason or purpose to study. In order to fix this mindset, is incredibly important to have a clear goal for each subject, as well as an overall goal that you would like to achieve from the HSC.

Goal setting is fairly easy, but most people don’t really understand why or how they should do it. Firstly, the why is easy to explain, you need to set goals in order to make sure they you remain happy and satisfied with your life. Without clear goals to achieve you’re going to end up drifting between things and you’ll probably get stuck on a path to doom and darkness.

What happens if you don’t achieve your goals? I’m not going to sugar coat this, achieving your goals largely requires you to work hard enough to achieve them, but in some cases you may just feel that you’re unlucky not to reach your goal. In this case, all you can really do is evaluate why you didn’t achieve it and what you could do differently next time. Once you evaluate your failure, go back and make another more achievable goal. Rinse and repeat this process.

So how do you actually set goals?

Firstly, set yourself a time limit of 5 minutes. Often prolonged goal setting can turn into procrastination and so having a set time limit helps you start executing rather then get stuck in the planning stage.

Next, using a piece of paper, write down a list of events that are going to occur in the next 6 months. For example, a typical list may include

  • Maths half yearly
  • English half yearly
  • [insert other subjects]

Now beside each event, write down what you would like to achieve from each event. For example:

  • Maths half yearly: Get above 90%
  • English half yearly: Get above 85%
  • [Insert other subjects]

Now you have a clear aim for each subject, all you need to do now is to start studying.


Do the Boring Stuff First

What happens if you have a goal but you don’t like the work required to achieve it?

Fulfilling any goal or aim requires you to work hard and smart. In this case the solution is simple, do the stuff you don’t enjoy or find hard first. This is because when you start studying you’re at your most efficient self, as time goes on your efficiency goes down. Finishing the hard tasks first means that when you’re tired and least efficient you should still be able to complete the easiest activities with little hardship or pain.


Procrastination tasks

Procrastination is only inevitable regardless of how motivated you are or how easy the task is, we’re only human right?

In order to make efficient use of your procrastination time, construct a list of things you need to do but can’t be bothered to finish. Now, whenever you find yourself procrastinating, go and select something from the list and complete it. This way you’ll be able to procrastinate efficiently by doing things you normally don’t want to do.

Moreover, if you really don’t want to do something, the only other option you have is to go back to studying.

Hopefully, these three strategies help you in conquering the hardest subject of them all. Still struggling? Unsure what to do next? Contact us below for a FREE consultation lesson!



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