Studying Style #1 Visual Learning

Hey guys, today is the start of a new series here at Triple A. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be going in-depth on different styles of learning and studying so that you can experiment and find out which way works best for you. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximise your final ATAR and any specific subject marks!!

So without further ado, I present, Studying Style #1 Visual Learning

Visual learning is a very effective study style for those who don’t like reading things. Unfortunately, whilst it is a fairly well-known style, many people don’t actually incorporate it into their studying routine.
So how do you actually study/learn visually?

Basically, you’ll be representing your information in the form of graphs, flowcharts, mind maps and diagrams. A picture says 1000 words, and so you should be able to comprise a lot of information into a simple diagram or mind map.

A quick example of this can be done with topic 2 in the HSC economics course: VLmindmap.png

As you can see here, the topic is broken down into many different sections and arms, allowing you to quickly glimpse at mind map and ingest the information at hand. This is incredibly important when you’re cramming through a large paragraph of text, it is incredibly inefficient to read each and every word of it to fully absorb the information. However, with a mind map, all the information is summarised and categorised allowing you to simply follow the links to the section that you want to read.

Moreover, adding diagrams and other visual aids to your studying makes it an interesting experience. A great block of blue/black text looks very drab and unengaging, but the moment you include a colourful mind map or colourful elements to the page, it becomes a lot more appealing to look at.

So what to next?

Grab the last page of your notes or class work and try to create a mind map of it. Break it down into separate categories and use them to segment the information. Bonus points for colour coding each category!


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