5 Mistakes you’re Making when Writing Notes

Thump! Ahh the satisfying sound of your pile of chemistry/physics/maths/[insert subject here] notes hitting the table as you’ve completed trawling through numerous textbooks and class notes in order to make the ‘perfect’ set of notes. But are your notes really that perfect?? To test how complete, they are answer the following few questions: Do you … More 5 Mistakes you’re Making when Writing Notes

3 Steps to Beating Procrastination

Procrastination, arguably the hardest subject you have to master in the HSC. Why? Well, chances are procrastination takes up more of your time then all you other subjects combined. Fortunately, beating procrastination and staying efficient is incredibly simple if you follow the three strategies detailed below. Having a Clear Aim The main reason why most … More 3 Steps to Beating Procrastination