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100% personalised in home tuition;
At Triple A Tutoring our focus is on providing you with a personalised plan to help tackle your weaknesses, regardless of being in a small group class or in a 1 on 1 session.

If you’re behind and struggling with concepts, we will accentuate your knowledge and help turn the weaknesses that you may have into strengths. From here, we will aim to challenge you by accelerating the learning process so that you’ll have a competitive edge against your peers at school. Following this approach it i virtually guaranteed that you will achieve success.


In order to provide this service, we meticulously plan our approach

In the first FREE consultation lesson we will diagnose any weaknesses that you have. From here, we will work with you to map out your goals as well as your parents’ expectations for your performance. By accumulating this information we will formulate a plan in order to attack and eradicate your weaknesses whilst striving to accomplish your goals. Your parents will be notified of this initial plan and 6 weeks later will be informed about the success of the plan and any deviations. Then the process repeats again.


Each lesson follows a set plan and will cover all aspects of learning

By using such a meticulous approach to learning we believe that this will set you up for success in school and life after it. Our experienced tutors will equip you with the skills to boost your memory retention, build upon current study habits and strengthen them even further, develop a deep knowledge of the syllabus as well as developing exam techniques and strategies. By working on such holistic elements to learning, you will be able to organise your time more effectively as well as reduce stress during high pressure situations.


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